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I nostri figli si ammalano di cancro perche' NOI siamo viziati!

July 26th, 2016

Se i nostri figli muoiono di cancro e perche' noi non siamo piu' capaci di stare senza le comodita'/schiavitu' del mondo moderno. 

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OffShore Tax Havens

July 24th, 2016

How perpetrate legalized crimes all over the world and teach people how to do not contribute to their countries. 

Philosophical moment. "I do not like dishwasher..."

July 17th, 2016

Philosophical moment: "I do not like dishwasher... I do not like washing machine too. Why?? Because I am a slave from them. I do not have time to spend with my family because I am busy to "make money". Buy things is my first thought, my first job! Why?? My son is happy when I buy something new for him, My wife is happy when there is a new household appliance. Their happiness is more important then mine. Why!? Because I love them but they do not know I would like "just" spend more time with them!" Am I a bad father?!

Philosophical moment, "and there will be one day"

January 31st, 2016

And there will be one day when digital life will be more interesting and impressive than the real one. 

That day human been will be so lazy that cook a meal could result like a real challange for any one and grow your one food for survive will be just ridiculously crazy and almost mental. 

 Our kids will play in house because outside will be soo hot/could/dangerous/poluted. And they woun't want play oustide any way. 

Real life will be too difficoult for them and they will not be trained to face difficoulties.  

We will be useless... we will live in the haven... or hell. 

Than day! we will be extincted


Thanks good! 

Building a tiled roof hut

January 20th, 2016

Going back to our history pathway and leading the future with the help of the tecnology, enjoy life with not consumistic's needs. That is what I would like.

Learn how to build your house and how to embrace the "less" power, that is what sounds cool to me... and this guy is helping a lot. ;)